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Are you ready? #NaNoWriMo

Those of you who’ve followed my blog over the years might remember the first book I ever wrote in 2010 was fast drafted during National Novel Writing Month, also known as NANOWRIMO. That book also became my first published book in 2017 entitled Second Chance Romance.

What you may not know is of the three times I’ve participated in NANOWRIMO each project went on to be published. I wrote about my third participation here on October 28, 2016.

With my sixth book due after the new year, I’ve decided to once again crank out that first partial draft during those 30 days in November. Some think this is crazy or the timing isn’t good with it being so close to the holidays. But is that an excuse? Is there ever a good time to commit to writing 1667 words a day?

I encourage anyone who has ever wanted to write a book to participate in this challenging exercise. Will you have a book ready to publish by the end of those 30 days? Of course not. What you will have is the start to something that can be rewritten and polished into your book.

In preparation for this commitment, along with other projects on my plate, I’ll be signing off of WordPress until after the new year. Enjoy the holiday season!

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing news and updates on my newsletter at JillWeatherholt.com.