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Lockdown Lowdown


Hi Everyone!

For nearly four months I’ve spent my time at home, only to venture out for medical appointments, and just recently to visit my parents. Since the medication I take for Crohn’s disease is an immunosuppressive drug, I’ve been playing it safe.  During this time, I’ve made a few discoveries I thought I’d share.

I think we can all agree, ordering online is often convenient. I discovered when everyone in the world is placing online orders, it can come with a few glitches.

                                                                                                                   I did not order these!

                                                                                                                        I did order this! 


While cleaning out my spare closet, like so many of us did with this new found extra time, I made a nostalgic discovery. My sweet Cabbage Patch doll, Bartholomew!

                                                                                                                      Meet Bartholomew!


I also discovered my hoarding tendencies that go way back, long before COVID-19, paid off. We never went without and still have an abundant supply! I will never again pay attention when Derek asks, “Don’t you think we have enough paper towels and toilet paper?”


                                                                                                                   Spills? No problem!



Can’t find toilet paper in your store? Come on over!

Another discovery was that not everyone is addicted to working jigsaw puzzles like me and Derek. When a call went out on Nextdoor.com for people desperate for puzzles, Derek and I went into action. Again, my hoarding tendencies paid off. We were able to donate at least 25 puzzles to people within our community.

 Did someone say they needed a puzzle?



This came with an extra piece and a missing piece! What in the world!


Another discovery I made during the lockdown…writing isn’t a sissy sport!


Thankfully, it’s my left hand!


While I continued to clean drawers and closets, I discovered I have even more journals than I had originally thought. I might need to do some giveaways!

I had already confessed these in a previous post.

Discovered these!


And these! Yes, I admit, I might have a problem.

Lastly, and most important of all, I discovered that no matter how desperate things appear to be, there’s always beauty in this world. And for that, we should remain thankful.

Seeing my beautiful mother after nearly 4 months apart…priceless! No hugs.


I’m curious, is there anything you’ve discovered during the pandemic?


Author: Jill Weatherholt

My name is Jill Weatherholt and I’m a writer. I have a full-time job, but at night and on the weekend, I pursue my passion, writing. I write contemporary stories about love, friendship and forgiveness. I started this blog as a way to share my journey toward publication and to create a community for other new writers and artists. Raised in the Washington, DC area, I’ve lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2004. I hold a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a Certification in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. I write stories filled with love, faith and happy endings for Harlequin Love Inspired. What can I say...I love happy endings. My sixth book Searching for Home will be in stores December 28, 2021, details can be found at JillWeatherholt.com. I've sold seven sweet romance stories to Woman's World Magazine. I was the first place winner in the Dream Quest One Short Story Contest in the Winter 2014-2015 competition. In 2014, I placed second in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest. I was also a top ten finalist in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest in 2012 and 2013. I’m a 2010, 2012 and 2016 winner of the National Novel Writing Month Contest. I love to connect with readers. Visit me at jillweatherholt.com and sign-up for my newsletter. Follow me on Amazon.com and Bookbub.com.

188 thoughts on “Lockdown Lowdown

  1. Hi Jill – I’m so glad you finally got to see your mom. I’m in awe at your organized closets, cupboards and your finished puzzles. The shutdown hasn’t motivated me to do a big clean out yet. I agree with you “There is always beauty in this world. And we should remain thankful”. I hope your left hand feels better soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    • Thank you, Natalie. It was so nice to see both of my parents. My mother was dressed and ready to hit the road! I confess, not every closet is organized…it’s still a work in progress. I know that you agree with my thoughts on the beauty in the world, as your posts and photos reflect that belief. Thanks for shopping by. Have a wonderful week!


  2. I know I’m saving a LOT of money on meals out during this time. My daughter nor I care to cook much but we have started cooking once a week and planning better to avoid the expense of meals out. Like you, I stock up. It’s not hoarding if you actually use the stuff. And you are so willing to share. I have plenty as well. I ordered that big box of TP from ‘Who Gives a Crap” and gift a roll to any of my friends with a sense of humor. I’ve had good days and some where I hit the wall with the isolation. I am glad you spent time with your parents. It’s important to both of you. That’s what keeps us healthy. I’m getting more handwork done and have finished up several projects but I keep adding to my list. Is there no cure??? Too much of a good thing is something to watch out for especially the hands. Holding a book or embroidery hoop for long periods is painful so I get the brace. Have one too. ;0 Hang in there.


    • I remember that big box of TP, Marlene. That was hilarious! I’m glad you and your daughter have started to do a little cooking. Eating out can get expensive and it isn’t always the healthiest. I like what you said about it not being hoarding if you use it. I’m going to quote you on that! 🙂 I’m happy to hear you’ve finished up a few projects. I know all about adding more. Take care of yourself and thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great week!

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  3. What a fun post, Jill! You much have a lot of storage space in your house … lol. All those puzzles! But, hey, here’s where the “hoarding” pays off, right? And you were able to give to your community as well … win-win 🙂 I’m discovering how much I really like my home (even if it doesn’t have as much storage space as yours ;)), including the outside. Sadly, it’s quite hot so not much time is spent outdoors, but I appreciate it when I can. Do you live close to your mom? My mother is stuck in St. Petersburg, FL, which is almost 300 miles from me. I keep thinking I should go down there, but to what end? No hugs. We’d have to stay six feet apart and in their tiny trailer that would be nearly impossible. She’s living with my oldest sister so she’s not alone. She’s healthy. I’m grateful for that.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Marie! Yes, we were happy to provide puzzles to neighbors who were climbing the walls and needed something to do. We’ve had some hot temperatures, too, but the hummies seems to love it. 🙂 I enjoy your nature walks, so hopefully you’ll get out there again soon. Yes, my parents live in the same town. I would think for now, it’s best to maintain contact with with mother by telephone, since your sister is with her. No point in taking any unnecessary risks. I’m really glad to hear she is staying healthy! Thanks for popping over. Have a great week!

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  4. Jill, the extra packet of Oreos wouldn’t last long in our house! 😀 You are very organised and wow, lots in stock for you. How wonderful that you could share the jigsaw puzzles out! Hmmm… very strange with the extra and lost piece puzzle. They are all adorable and I particularly love the sense of frivolity of the sandal one! I hope your wrist is soon much better and please, take extra special care of it! I’m so happy you could meet your parents again and your mother looks lovely and relaxed. Fingers crossed it’s not too long for those precious hugs xx ❤️

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    • LOL! Had I known, I could have shipped them to you instead of passing them along to my parents, Annika. 🙂 I did enjoy the sandal puzzle, even though there was a missing piece. Funny thing, last night Derek finished a puzzle he’d been working on. It was missing 4 pieces and had 2 extra pieces! It’s crazy how all of sudden this has started to happen. In the past, we’ve never really experienced this. I’m happy you’ve been able to have some visits with your mother. Yes, I’m definitely looking forward to some hugs! Thanks for popping over and for the sweet email. Have a peaceful week. ❤

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  5. Jill, I’m way late to comment on this post. I read it just before leaving on a backpacking trip and didn’t have time to answer your question on Friday. Anyway, I enjoyed your reflection on lockdown. So hard not to see loved ones, but your attitude is inspiring. “Lastly, and most important of all, I discovered that no matter how desperate things appear to be, there’s always beauty in this world. And for that, we should remain thankful.” This quote helped me absorb God’s beautiful creation as we hiked along the trail. I know many others can’t be outside right now, so my husband and I feel fortunate to live in a sparsely populated area where we can social distance while being in nature. I guess this is what I’ve discovered during this time…..to be extremely grateful for what we are able to do even during a lockdown. I hope your wrist is better and pray you’ll be able to spend more time with your parents….soon!

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    • You’re not late, Sherida! Backpacking trips always come before blog comments. 😉I’m so happy you and your husband had such a nice time. I really enjoyed seeing your photographs. You guys are blessed to live in such a beautiful area. I’m also thrilled that your foot did well. I see many hikes in your future! The wrist is about the same, unfortunately. I did order a wireless mouse for my laptop which should help. Of course, I should’ve done that a long time ago! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy that adorable new grandson!❤️

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  6. I have to wonder how big your house is, Jill! I never saw so many cupboards full 🙂 🙂 Having said that, looking around I can see some old CDs I always meant to declutter. If I’ve learnt anything it’s how good I am at not doing the things I don’t want to. Hope the wrist is better soon.

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  7. Your post just made me smile today, Jill! I love all those journals! Spiral bound is always my favourite.

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  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Jill. I’ve newly discovered a love for jigsaw puzzles. So far, two down during the pandemic…and both had just the right number of pieces. I’m happy for you getting to see your mother.

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  9. Hi Jill! Wonderful post and that is crazy about the puzzles – a missing piece and extra one – I wonder if someone in the factory did it on purpose – just to be funny or snarky –

    And nice of you to donate the puzzles – it does pay to be a collector or to have a good supply 😉

    For me – I was able to let go of some
    Work clothes
    That might not sound like a big deal- but my blazer and pant suits were adding up and I liked them all. But then after the third month – I saw my clothes with fresh eyes and knew what was not me anymore – still feels good

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    • Hi Yvette! Yes, our experience with the puzzles lately has been crazy. Of course, the ones that have missing or extra pieces were purchased from The Dollar Tree. If they’d been one of the more expensive puzzles, we wouldn’t be laughing about it. I’m glad you were able to let go of some of your clothes. It always feels good to donate items we know longer want or need. Thanks for popping over!

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      • Hi – my husband despises the dollar store – and so do I in a way – just feel like there is something sketchy about being able to offer those items for buck – and some of the stuff is junk – like their ointments and well – much of it – I know they do get name brands – and their teacher supplies helped me when I taught art at a small school with little budget – but something is “off” with that store and not sure… and my hubs boycotted it 15 years ago. ‘
        anyhow, glad they were only dollar puzzles 🙂

        and the joy with my clothes was not about donating them – although as you note that is a great feeling to recycle and and all – because I have been so blessed by folks who do that rather than toss it quickly – but it was more the inner sense of clarity and knowing “which clothes” were not me anymore. Jill, I only mention it again because it was quite significant – and it was something I believe only happened from the long weeks of the pandemic – before that it was hustle and get dressed – oh I don’t know – something about seeing inside – hahahah

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      • I understand how your husband feels about the dollar store, Yvette. I guess people either love it or hate it. I never buy anything that is ingested or put on the skin from there. But I do like paying a dollar for a gallon jug of bleach rather than five dollars at the grocery store. Or paying one dollar for gift bag instead of for five dollars at any other store. I’m just frugal that way.😉 LOL! Seeing inside is always a good thing.

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      • Hi – I agree that those prices are good because it does add up!
        and Jill, if you have not checked out their small book section – you need to do that – because that is my favorite thing about the “dollar tree” in particular – somehow they end up getting leftover bestsellers and I have gotten so many excellent books this way.
        Sometimes when I travel to see family, I go to the a dollar tree to look at their books – one time (in FL) I got a wonderful “cocktail” book for my step-daughter’s husband – he LOVED it. And in SC, I found a Maya Angelou book – the one about her mom and me – and Jill, I was with my mom on a special trip that time – it was priceless
        And recently, found The Gradual by Christopher Priest – and did a read-a-loud a few times with the fam while on that short trip (COVID safe).

        anyhow, last comment about the dollar tree – I was completely puzzled as to why they were opened during the shut down days.
        Essential business making China rich? really???
        Something bugs me about the stores – they keep three low-paid workers on and the back of the store outside is usually a mess.

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      • Yeah, there’s really only one nice store near our house. So many are just junkie. Poor management, I suppose. I do check out their book section and have gotten lucky from time to time. Since I haven’t been out and about, I didn’t realize their stores were open…that’s kind of odd.


  10. Lovely post Jill and thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I am sure you enjoyed your mum’s long awaited visit.
    Likewise, I have done some decluttering and my journals especially have mounted up but I am not yet ready mentally to throw them away. I suppose that’s really what decluttering is about and I can see I have a long way to go.
    My shopping habits have changed dramatically. I have a regular meat and fishbox delivery and a general grocery delivery as needed. Amazon has been a Godsend and I now have a wishlist. I was In The Gambia watching Covid unfold on screen and when it hit Europe and mention of toilet rolls I immediately thought of my good friend Joan who died on Christmas Day Joan’s family used to laugh about her hoarding toilet rolls, perhaps she knew something we didn’t.

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    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Margaret. Yes, my mother and I enjoyed our visit. She has Alzheimer’s, so she doesn’t really understand what’s going on with the virus or why we aren’t able to go out shopping together like we used to. I’m glad you’ve been able to do some decluttering. I’m with you, I’m not ready to get rid of any of my journals either. I’m really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Joan. ❤️Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your visit. Stay well.

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      • Aw, sorry to hear that about your mother Jill. It must be difficult to witness your mother’s struggles. I miss mum r.i.p who died 5 yrs ago this August but thank God she kept her mental faculties I know I would find it difficult to cope with caring for her if dementia had reared it’s head.
        It’s a pleasure to visit your blog.
        Yes, Joan was my friend, mentor & surrogate mum and I miss her dearly but I have fond memories of her.
        Take care ❤️💁🏻‍♀️

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  11. You’ve been productive, Jill, I’m jealous. I wish my kids would do puzzles too, not virtual ones either. I used to love them when young. What did I learn during lock down? That the more people advertise self isolation, the more you see people outside 😉

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  12. I just saw this on the NY TIMES Coronavirus Briefing and thought of you. Another convert:

    After being cooped up for a couple of months, my husband bought me a couple of hummingbird feeders, which we installed on patios that are easily visible. Who would have thought these little birds would be so entertaining? They are highly territorial and are constantly chasing each other off the feeders, doing aerial acrobatics that the Blue Angels would envy.
    — Rosie Heil, Oakland, Calif.

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  13. I love that balloon puzzle. I buy puzzles, but haven’t done any in a long time. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll get addicted. But they’re there waiting for me, patiently. It’s interesting how admiring I felt looking at your toilet paper collection. It gives me a sense of security. I have come to appreciate birds more in these recent months – their singing, their flying, their persistence in life…. They make me smile.

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  14. How lovely that you got to see your mom, although it is a shame you couldn’t see her for four whole months. My mom and dad are living on our property in the cottage at the moment.

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  16. You summed it up neatly in the end 🙂

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  17. I really enjoyed reading this post, Jill. That is great you were stocked up long ago before the pandemic. Good timing these things come in handy. During this pandemic I have discovered a lot of things in the kitchen including powdered spices hardened up by their used date. Tempting to keep but I binned them to be safe. I did start baking as there was quite a bit of flour lying around. I have ordered things online but so far I haven’t anything I wasn’t expecting – but if I do I guess it would be a nice treat. Hope you are doing well, Jill. Stay safe.

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    • I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Mabel. I had fun writing it and taking the photos. Yes, we were certainly prepared for this pandemic with all of my stockpiling long before. That’s nice that you’re keeping busy with baking. You don’t want that flour to go to waste. Enjoy your treats and stay well. Thanks for stopping by.

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