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Autumn Hearts: Five Sweet Romances #ReleaseDay

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share the Amazon link for my latest release, Autumn Hearts.

Have a great day!

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SEASONED LIES by Mary Manners
Ben Walker’s world is upended when his young niece stumbles across a necklace Ben stole more than a decade ago. Ben spent a full year making restitution to everyone involved—everyone except Molly Sims.
Molly’s beloved grandmother has just passed away. She cherishes the box of heirlooms left to her, but her inheritance is incomplete. A necklace that was passed down through generations was stolen years ago. The treasured piece is gone forever…until Ben Walker steps back into her life.

Barrett “Bear” Stanford doesn’t do relationships anymore. Not since losing his high school sweetheart to leukemia and another girlfriend to a car accident. A former SEAL, these days he’s satisfied driving a fire engine and volunteering at the children’s hospital with his therapy dog, Jammer. His fellow firefighters are his family now, and he won’t let them down.
Pediatrician Brinkley Collins is totally smitten with the handsome firefighter. It’s not just the kids who adore him and Jammer. For two years, she’s pushed the boundaries of their friendship, almost kissed him once, but Bear refuses to take the hint.
Binkie can convince him to do just about anything, but he draws the line at modeling for a firefighter calendar. But he thinks he played into her plan when she ropes him into publishing a cookbook, prompting him to reevaluate his career. Then an accident—and a mysterious new friend—make him question his resolve to keep her tucked in the “friends” category. Makes him wonder how amazing life would be if she were by his side…forever.

Working as a cardiologist at a renowned hospital in New York City, Emma St. Germaine is in the business of saving lives. When her grandfather suffers a stroke, she heads back to her hometown of Juniper Junction to aide in his recovery. With the Annual Timberville Orchard Festival only weeks away, Emma is recruited by her Gampy to keep the family’s tradition alive. Emma is willing to help even if it means working with the only man she ever loved and one who’s determined to keep her from running back to the big city.
Jack Jalette’s dream to play pro football was sidelined when his parents were killed in a horrific car crash. He’s content with his life, running Jalette’s General Store in order to keep his parent’s dream alive along with helping his elderly friend operate his orchard. Old sparks ignite when Emma rreturns to town. She’d run from him once, but will this second chance prove she’s ready to settle down?

Making the most of his eighteen-day furlough, paramedic Ross Drummond heads north, as far away from work as he can get. Being best man at his brother’s wedding is just the thing he needs to take his mind off his troubles.
Wedding planner Ursula Irwin has a mountain of work to do before her sister’s nuptials on Saturday. Already juggling her day job with being chief bridesmaid, she doesn’t have time for a car accident and her resulting injury. Never mind the handsome stranger who rescues her—even if he does turn out to be the best man.
As they are both staying at River Edge Lodges and with Ursula unable to drive or do anything else for several weeks, Ross suggests he helps with the preparations. As family begin to arrive for the wedding, and the bride demands last minute alterations, emotions ride high and everything begins to change.

Fawn loses her father, home, and memory during a Niobrara River flood. She has no choice but believe what others say about who she is, and accept help.
Jarett owns cattle, but not land. He fights his attraction to the new and improved version of Fawn. As a young man, he loved her. Her betrayal is always on his mind, but he’s a problem


I Love Lucy…do I really?


Have you ever worked on a task, project, or even a hobby that left you feeling frustrated, discouraged or incompetent?

That’s exactly how I felt while writing my last book A Mother for His Twins. It was the most difficult book I’ve written so far. At times, the distractions and obstacles were overwhelming. Things were going on in my personal life that I couldn’t control. I struggled with maintaining my focus. I wanted to quit. I wanted to cry. I did cry. A lot.

Thankfully, through a lot of prayer, determination and Derek’s support, I was able to meet my deadline, and now I have a new book releasing August 20th.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to say the same for this beast!

Where I stand after 5 months. Oh, and the piece to the left of the bottle is MISSING!

I’ve always loved the television show I Love Lucy. Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this puzzle at Tuesday Morning, a local store.

But…after five months of frustration, I’m not really loving Lucy. In fact, I think I’m so over her!

In the past, I’ve written about my love of jigsaw puzzles, but I’m quickly losing that warm and fuzzy for this puzzle.

So the question is…should I finish what I started or wave the white flag?

By the way, Derek has completed 5 five hundred piece puzzles since I started working on Lucy.