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It’s July, 12th #EtchASketchDay

Those of you who are long time followers of my blog know from time to time I like to spotlight certain quirky and unofficial holidays. That’s why I couldn’t allow one that triggers a sense of nostalgia to pass without recognition.

Today, July 12th is Etch A Sketch Day.

Yep. It’s true.

The day is all about exercising your creativity. It’s not only about drawing. Any activity involving a pen, pencil or brush will do.

In 2014, I wrote a post about my sister being born with the artistic gene.  Since I could barely draw stick people, as a child my Etch a Sketch gave me hope. The best thing about it, if you messed up you could give it a shake or two and the aluminum powder would disappear, leaving a clean slate to start again.

And boy, did I mess up a lot with this thing. I struggled with my Etch a Sketch. In fact, I remember it making me feel even more inadequate when it came to my artistic abilities. I could hardly draw a straight line with it. Despite my frustrations with the device a nostalgic wave still surfaces when I think of my Etch a Sketch.


What childhood toy ignites a sense of nostalgia for you?