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Never Say Never #self-publishing

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Have you ever said you’d never do something?

I have.

I’d never go rock climbing.

I’d never eat liver.

I’d never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings.

I’d never drive without my seat belt.

I’d never text while driving.

You get the idea.

A few years ago, I mentioned to a couple of friends that I’d never self-publish a book.

Self-publishing is like a full-time job. I already have one of those.

Well, it turns out, I would.

Thanks to a wonderful group of ladies who extended an invitation I couldn’t pass up, I did this.

It’s been quite an experience. I definitely have a lot to learn, but with the right support and encouragement, I’m happy I didn’t say no to the opportunity.

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Have you ever done something you once said no to?