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Til the dogs come home

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Have you ever said something the same way for years, but never thought twice about it?

Maybe you’d start to think about it if a loved one brought it to your attention after YEARS of being together.

Recently, while it was raining, Derek mentioned that I say, “It’s pouring THE rain.”

My response was, “Well, it’s not pouring the milk.”

He responded, “That’s not how you say it.”

“Say what?” I asked.

“Pouring the rain. It’s pouring rain or pouring down rain. There is no THE,” he answered.

Suddenly, I became quite aware of the phase, “pouring the rain.”

My mother said it.

My aunt said it.

One day, my co-worker said it.

Then recently, when we had our air conditioning unit serviced, the technician said it!

What do we all have in common?

We’re all from West Virginia!

After conducting a little research, I discovered that “pouring the rain” is one of many West Virginia colloquialisms. So, I suppose I get a pass. And yes, I do refer to a shopping cart as a buggy.

What about you? Do you use any area specific colloquialisms?