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The Good and the Bad


Some are welcome, while some are forced upon us.

Recently, as I worked on my current WIP, I stepped away to reheat my tea. When I returned, I realized a Windows update had begun. Twenty minutes later, it was complete, but unfortunately the negative effects lingered.

When my computer restarted, I saw this.

Ten minutes later, this appeared.

After twenty minutes, this screened popped up.



Everything was working fine before the update.

Next, I attempted all of the “Advanced options.” When no option solved my problem, I shut down the laptop. Once I powered it back on, I was greeted with this screen.

I did as instructed and I signed out. After multiple attempts to log on, the computer finally accepted my User Name and Password…all was well…or so I thought.

My entire C drive was gone!


Including my current WIP.

Everything I’d saved over the past 3 years. Gone.

I would have completely freaked out had I not saved most of my documents and photos on a thumb drive…but still. I couldn’t help but think, my computer had been operating fine until the Windows update.

The next day, I purchased a new computer and two days later I received two welcome updates.

The first came from my editor at Harlequin letting me know my third book, the second in the Whispering Slopes series, A MOTHER FOR HIS TWINS, had been scheduled for release on September 1, 2019.

The second update came from my editor at Woman’s World Magazine. I’d sold another 5-Minute Romance, A SUPER BOWL SURPRISE, in stores now.

Any good or bad updates in your world?


Happy New Year!

When it comes to clearing the clutter, one of my favorite sayings is “When in doubt, throw it out (donate).” This doesn’t hold true when it comes to writing. Stop by Southern Writer’s Magazine today to find out why.

I’ll be by later this evening to chat.

Jill ❤