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The Good and the Bad


Some are welcome, while some are forced upon us.

Recently, as I worked on my current WIP, I stepped away to reheat my tea. When I returned, I realized a Windows update had begun. Twenty minutes later, it was complete, but unfortunately the negative effects lingered.

When my computer restarted, I saw this.

Ten minutes later, this appeared.

After twenty minutes, this screened popped up.



Everything was working fine before the update.

Next, I attempted all of the “Advanced options.” When no option solved my problem, I shut down the laptop. Once I powered it back on, I was greeted with this screen.

I did as instructed and I signed out. After multiple attempts to log on, the computer finally accepted my User Name and Password…all was well…or so I thought.

My entire C drive was gone!


Including my current WIP.

Everything I’d saved over the past 3 years. Gone.

I would have completely freaked out had I not saved most of my documents and photos on a thumb drive…but still. I couldn’t help but think, my computer had been operating fine until the Windows update.

The next day, I purchased a new computer and two days later I received two welcome updates.

The first came from my editor at Harlequin letting me know my third book, the second in the Whispering Slopes series, A MOTHER FOR HIS TWINS, had been scheduled for release on September 1, 2019.

The second update came from my editor at Woman’s World Magazine. I’d sold another 5-Minute Romance, A SUPER BOWL SURPRISE, in stores now.

Any good or bad updates in your world?