Jill Weatherholt

Writing Stories of Love, Faith and Happy Endings While Enjoying the Journey


The Lakeside Bully

Image courtesy of Freeimages.com

I’m fascinated by people who have early childhood memories beginning at the age of two or three.

One of my most vivid memories was at five years old. That day, I learned how mean children could be to each other—even a stranger.

At the time, my family lived in Virginia and we were picnicking at a popular lake. Visitors were enjoying a perfect summer day, paddling in their canoes and eating snow cones.

I was busy on the sandy beach constructing a sand castle for my Barbie Doll. With my bucket in hand, I went to the water’s edge to retrieve more wet sand.

“Hey, do you want to come to my birthday party?”

I turned and looked up to see a squatty looking boy with a jagged bowl haircut. His hands were behind his back. Even though he appeared to be older, when I stood, I was taller than him.

“Do you want to come to my party?” He asked again with an impatient tone.

“Well—maybe,” I responded.

“Here’s some cake!” He shouted as he flung a bucket of wet sand directly in my face.

It all happened so fast, at first I wasn’t sure what he’d thrown at me. But once the gritty sand spread inside of my mouth, I knew.

He ran away laughing and I never saw him again that afternoon.

I remember standing there frozen and on the verge of tears. Why would a stranger do something like that?

When my mother came running to me asking what had happened, I was too embarrassed to tell her. Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon, sitting on the blanket watching everyone carry on with their activities.

What’s one of your earliest childhood memories?


A Dog’s Tale

Meet my friend Snoopy.

Most of you are probably familiar with him, but this particular dog is special.

As you can see, he’s missing an eye, can no longer smell, and only a small portion of his mouth remains. Also, his ears are held on with Elmer’s Glue. Not surprising since he’s over 50 years-old.

You might think that this stuffed dog belongs to me, but that’s not the case.

I met Snoopy twenty something years ago when Derek and I first started dating. At the time, I found it endearing that Derek had held on to his pal since he was four years-old.

Today, Snoopy is living out his golden years perched in a chair in our master bedroom. Each time I glance in his direction, I can’t help but smile and picture Derek as a young boy with his friend, Snoopy.

Have you or a loved one held on to something special from your childhood?

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” ~ A.A. Milne