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Welcome! Before we meet today’s special guests, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in my second Summer Spotlight Series. Also, thank you to those who visited each week and shared your thoughts. I really enjoyed introducing you to bloggers you may not have known. It was also fun to learn more about those bloggers we’ve known for years.

I want to thank our friend and writer, John Howell for closing out this series. As most of you know, John and his family live on the barrier island of Port Aransas, which was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. When I reached out to John to write this special post, we didn’t know he and his family would be evacuated from their home. Being a man of his word, John followed through on his commitment and sent this post to me well in advance. Thank you, John. Please know that our prayers are with you and your family.

Today’s final Summer Spotlight features three of my favorite new friends that I met this summer. So you guys take it away.




Thank you so much, Jill. We are so happy to be here with you and am honored to be on your last post for Summer Spotlight. Hi, my name is Lucy, and I am the more vocal, and I might add, gregarious of the three of us. We took a vote before our appearance, and we agreed that I would do the talking. My two sisters are Bailey and Stella. Bailey is the boxer, and Stella is the cat. Before I go on, would you two like to say anything? Bailey?


“No, you are doing fine Lucy.”

“How about you, Stella?”


“As much as I hate to say it you are doing well.”

“Okay gang. I will go ahead and speak for us all. Jill asked us some questions and here are the answers. I have to mention that before this appearance we had a conference to work out the answers. Yes, Stella. You have a comment.”

“I just want everyone to know on several issues my vote was in the minority.”

“Thanks, Stella. Here goes.”


“What is special about the place you grew up?”


“We all agree that by “grew up.” We are speaking of our forever home.  A unique thing about our forever home is the two non-fur people who run it. They have adopted us as if we are their own and go out of their way to make certain we have everything we need. Yes, Stella what is it?

“One thing I don’t have is a place where there are no canines.”

“Yes, thank you, Stella. Also, Bailey and I love to run on the beach and take sunbaths, and before Stella raises her paw, I’ll tell you she is not allowed outside. Bailey and I do not understand why at all. What Stella?”

“I’m not allowed outside because I’m precious cargo.”

“Moving on.”


“What are some of the events in your life that made you who you are?”


“Stella was part of a litter that our mom raised from the time she was four days old. She and her siblings were born in the wild, and our mom grabbed the mother, had her spayed and released. If she were still the wild, she would not be the lady she is today. Bailey was born in Port Aransas and then went to live at Baylor University. She graduated with a degree in human management and then because of some work conflicts had to separate from her young owner to come live at the beach. These events have made Bailey calm and accepting of change. I used to be on the streets of San Antonio. Yes, I was homeless until I hit a car. Some kind people took me to a rescue group called Austin Boxer Rescue where I found a new home.  The experience taught me not to even think of leaving the yard without a leash.


“If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?”

“We all agreed on the one rule. We think all humans should think of their fur children as part of the family so our rule would be, “Treat your fur children like you would like someone to treat you.”

A little about our dad. He started writing full-time in 2012 when he finally threw off the yolk of organized commerce. We all live on a barrier Island off the coast of Texas in the Gulf with our mom.

Our dad has published three books and a fourth ready to go in October The first; My GRL has just been re-released with a new cover and updated editing. It tells the story of John J. Cannon who buys a boat he names My GRL. Unbeknownst to him a group of terrorists want the boat since it will be a perfect vehicle to go undetected into New York harbor and deliver a fatal blow to the Annapolis Midshipmen on their summer cruise. John is the only one standing between the terrorists and the accomplishment of their goal. The second is His Revenge. John seeks to atone the killing of Gerry Starnes, the woman who sold him My GRL. The action moves from Port Aransas to California and on to Ecuador. His enemy Matt Jacobs has a twisted idea that John would make an excellent spokesperson for the terrorist group. He figures out a way to get John to cooperate on a plan that is designed to embarrass the President and wreak havoc on the oil industry. John must pretend to go along hoping he can create a way to get revenge. The question remains who will get the revenge? The Third is Our Justice the final story in the trilogy. John has been keen on bringing Matt Jacobs to justice. Matt has been keen on getting John to help him in a plot to assassinate the President. He plans to use John’s hero status to get close to the President to do his duty work. Both Matt and John feel their cause is right and both want justice extracted in their favor. We must see who in fact achieves Justice, Matt, John or neither. The fourth book is titled Circumstances of Childhood and is about riches to rags, redemption, brotherly love, and a little of the paranormal designed to keep you riveted


All his books are on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/author/johnwhowell

Author: Jill Weatherholt

My name is Jill Weatherholt and I’m a writer. I have a full-time job, but at night and on the weekend, I pursue my passion, writing. I write contemporary stories about love, friendship and forgiveness. I started this blog as a way to share my journey toward publication and to create a community for other new writers and artists. Raised in the Washington, DC area, I’ve lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2004. I hold a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a Certification in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. I write stories filled with love, faith and happy endings for Harlequin Love Inspired. What can I say...I love happy endings. My sixth book Searching for Home will be in stores December 28, 2021, details can be found at JillWeatherholt.com. I've sold seven sweet romance stories to Woman's World Magazine. I was the first place winner in the Dream Quest One Short Story Contest in the Winter 2014-2015 competition. In 2014, I placed second in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest. I was also a top ten finalist in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest in 2012 and 2013. I’m a 2010, 2012 and 2016 winner of the National Novel Writing Month Contest. I love to connect with readers. Visit me at jillweatherholt.com and sign-up for my newsletter. Follow me on Amazon.com and Bookbub.com.


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