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Welcome Author Lori Virelli

loriToday I’m thrilled to welcome writer, blogger and friend, Lori Virelli. If you loved the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ll want to read her post below, and order a copy of her debut novel, Whit’s End. On Amazon, the e-reader version is on sale for .99 cents beginning today and running through Sunday, the 22nd.


Greetings and Happy New Year! Is it too late to still say that, or is it okay until January is over?

I’d like to thank Jill for offering me this opportunity to talk about my debut novel, Whit’s End. She said to share a bit about me and my writing process. I have a blog and even a short memoir published, but I still get uncomfortable talking about myself. The stories I write aren’t meant to be about me, but to bring out in the open our common experiences in life, hopefully with a bit of inspiration to bring us together.

So, I’ll share where I came up with the idea for my novel. Early in my marriage, as a newlywed, I had difficulty integrating into my husband’s family. I came from loud, expressive Italian-Americans with a flair for flavorful food. My husband’s family was similar to the groom’s in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Good, quiet all-American people who enjoyed bland meats and potatoes. When I introduced pasta to their Thanksgiving meal and brought focaccia bread in place of rolls, they thought their son had married a woman from outside of this galaxy.

Here we are, happily married thirty-one years later. When you love someone, you learn, you adjust, you grow.

In Whit’s End, you’ll find some minor influences from my life in the character, Ava, like her Italian background. The two main characters, Meg and Ava, marry into the dysfunctional Whitaker family. Do they learn, adjust and grow? Both have difficulty adjusting and struggle for years. As their marriages suffer, other men come into the picture. Each woman has to make a choice . . . work on their marriage or fall into the arms of another. Each makes a different decision, which deeply affects their lives and the lives of their families.

I’ve also written a memoir anthology, Home Avenue, with four short, humorous tales about growing up an Italian-American girl in the 1970’s in suburban Chicago.


As far as my writing process goes, it’s a bit boring. I write the beginning, and then each chapter comes together as I go along. I take notes for the next chapter as I write the one before.

I’m honored that Jill has given me this space to tell you about my books. I hope you enjoy them.

Jill here. Thank you so much for visiting today, Lori. To those of you reading, I’m curious, do you have any family members who could star in your own version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?


nye2016d-ldrv-337x640Bio: I enjoy figuring out (and sometimes over-analyzing) the human psyche, people’s motives, and finding ways to come together. This is why I like writing about relationship dramas. My husband and I recently moved back to our hometown in the burbs of Chicago with our Australian Shepherd, Max. It’s great to be near family again. I’ve written short stories for the magazine Angels on Earth and the anthology, Dogs and the Women Who Love Them. You can find me on line at my blog.