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More cheese, please.


Image courtesy of morguefile.com

Image courtesy of morguefile.com

I love cheese.

I eat it every day.

I eat it with my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Whether it’s yellow, white, sharp, mild, or hot, I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. Surprisingly, my cholesterol levels are very good.

Growing up, one of my favorite comfort foods was a grilled cheese sandwich. After spending hours playing in the snow I’d come inside to a hot grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of soup waiting. Life couldn’t have been more perfect in my young mind.

The sandwich was perfection when the cheese oozed down the sides of the lightly buttered bread. But the real test was if the cheese stretched after that first bite.

While in elementary school, the cafeteria’s grilled cheese was never as good as my mothers. It had half the amount of cheese, so it lacked the stretch factor. You’ve got to have that, right?

Twenty plus years ago, while bed ridden with a ruptured disc in my back, my father, who’d recently retired, came to my house each day. For lunch he cooked his specialty, grilled cheese. Back then, that was all he knew how to cook so we ate it every day. He sat on my bed as we both ate our sandwiches and watched the O.J. Simpson trial. I’ll never forget that time we spent together, or his grilled cheese.

Today, I still love the sandwich, especially the way Derek makes them. It’s amazing how something as simple as two slices of bread and a ton of cheese can evoke such warm memories.

Do you have a favorite comfort food?


Author: Jill Weatherholt

My name is Jill Weatherholt and I’m a writer. I have a full-time job, but at night and on the weekend, I pursue my passion, writing. I write modern stories about love, friendship and forgiveness. I started this blog as a way to share my journey toward publication and to create a community for other new writers. Raised in the Washington, DC area, I’ve lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2004. I hold a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a Certification in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. My first book, SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE, published by Harlequin Love Inspired released on February 21, 2017 and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. I was the first place winner in the Dream Quest One Short Story Contest in the Winter 2014-2015 competition. In 2014, I placed second in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest. I was also a top ten finalist in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest in 2012 and 2013. I’m a 2010 and 2012 winner of the NaNoWriMo Contest. I love to connect readers, visit me at jillweatherholt.com

155 thoughts on “More cheese, please.

  1. Grilled cheese is the best, especially with tomato soup. Other than that, my comfort food is hot chocolate. 🙂 I hope you’ve been having fun for the past few months or so!


    • Hi Sheila! It’s so great to see you…I’ve missed you. So, is that hot chocolate in the mug your holding? I love it too, especially with tons of marshmallows or whipped cream. Congratulations on your book! Enjoy your weekend.


      • I’ve missed you! I think it was coffee but lately I’ve been leaning toward hot chocolate instead. My hands are usually always cold so it’s good to have hand warmers like that around. Corn chowder is another good one – I’ll have to make that soon! Happy weekend!


      • I just purchased some fingerless gloves, Sheila. You should get a pair. They’re perfect for those of us with cold hands. Corn chowder does sound yummy! Enjoy your weekend.

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  2. I love cheese too. I especially like the New Zealand Grass Fed cheddar at Trader Joe’s… or Kerry brand which is also grass fed. A lot of things we were told about cholesterol in the past have proven to be not true.

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  3. That sounds like the perfect grilled cheese. And what great memories of your parents it evokes! My favorite comfort food was my grandmother’s beef stew. She never wrote the recipe down and I’ve tried to replicate it but I can’t get it quite there. Sigh.


  4. Hmm…good question. Anything Mexican. Tacos, nachos…I love Mexican food!



  5. I love cheese too! And in the Netherlands there’s such a variety.
    We call it a toasti … I especially like the ham and cheese toasti. I’m stopping here because my tummy is rumbling.

    I like the picture the story about you and your dad evokes.


  6. It’s easy to see the connection to your love of cheese and comfort from your dad.

    Right now, warm soup and salty peanuts are giving me comfort in PA after the Florida storms.


    • Yes, grilled cheese will always remind me of my father, Marian. I was so relieved to see on FB that you and your family were safe. That was quite a storm. Sadly, people are still suffering here in NC.
      Salty peanuts…yum! Take care!


  7. Jamaican food is comfort food for me! Can’t really cook it, so it’s a great comfort when someone else does it for me!


  8. I am so excited to find this older post about grilled cheese sandwiches. I enjoy the ones grilled in butter with American or Swiss Cheese. The accompanying tomato or tomato basil soup is super matchmaking!
    I really like mashed potatoes as a comfort food, I choose them while out at country restaurants or local diners, Jill. They may be beside green beans or a side salad and a meat entree of chicken breast, hamburger steak or fish. 🙂 Mmm-m!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Robin! Oh yes, it must be grilled in butter. 🙂 Maybe this winter I’ll try tomato soup since everyone is commenting how well it goes with grilled cheese. The tomato basil soup sounds yummy. I love basil. Now I’m hungry! 🙂


  9. Oh yes – grilled cheese! There’s nothing else that can take its place. Great post. 🙂

    Btw, I’m presently on a ferry to Vancouver Island, sea a bit rough and accidently clicked the follow/unfollow button a couple of times. 🙂


  10. Hi Jill, you have me thinking here about my go-to-comfort-food…I’ll have to say Asian food. Chinese or Thai.
    Growing up, sandwiches were not part of our culture. We ate a lot of roti (think of a pita bread). I always enjoyed my mom’s roti and curry. Nowadays, I truly enjoy PBJ; I even have it for breakfast some days during the week.. Interestingly, I don’t eat it while at home.

    I hope you’re doing well, Jill. I like your new blog header! I’ve been away from blogging, but I still think often of my friends in the blogsphere. xoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Elaine! It’s so nice to see you. I’ve missed you and your blog posts.
      Thanks for sharing your comfort food. I must say, you’ve got good taste…Asian and PBJ! I love them too.
      I hope you and your family are all doing well. Keep in touch! xo

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  11. Wow – the on trial and that memory – ha!
    And I also love cheese – but I do not have it thrice daily – maybe once
    But mmmm and mmmm

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