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Second Chances

Image courtesy of morguefile.com

Image courtesy of morguefile.com

One day, many years ago, my mother told me a story about her round of golf. On this particular day, she and three other women were playing their weekly game. When they got to a par-3 hole, which means you have three shots to get the ball into the hole, each woman took their turn.

One woman hit her tee shot, the first shot, and it was a wild hook into the bushes. She proceeded to pull another ball from her bag saying, “I’m going to hit again.” The rules of golf prohibit a player from hitting again without taking a penalty, but no one in the foursome spoke up.

She teed up her ball and readied herself to hit. Good contact was made and the ball soared toward the green. To everyone’s surprise the ball went straight into the hole. The ladies cheered, “Nice shot,” while the woman jumped up and down announcing, “I got a hole in one.”

Confused, the women all looked at one another until one finally spoke. “That was your second shot, so it’s not a legitimate hole in one.”

Apparently, the woman thought she deserved a second chance. She marked her scorecard with a one and proceeded to the next hole.

What about you? Do you believe in second chances in life or in love?

Speaking of second chances, my first Love Inspired Harlequin book, that will release in March, 2017, has been officially titled, “Second Chance Romance.”


Just Delete it Already

Image Courtesy of Morguefile.com

Image Courtesy of Morguefile.com


I’m a hoarder. Not stuff, but emails.

Recently, I noticed that daily emails I receive from various sites and blogs weren’t making it to my inbox. When I tried to re-subscribe to those that had gone MIA, I received a message that I was already a subscriber. A few weeks later, I stopped receiving email from friends who said they had emailed. Something was wrong.

When I searched Outlook’s help section, there were several reason explanations. The one that jumped out at me was “You’ve reached your storage capacity.”

Okay, I knew I had at least fifty folders on various topics where I’d saved emails over the years, so I began to investigate the content of each folder. When I opened the folder labeled “Writing,” I found my problem. Since late 2010, I had saved over 4000 emails from writing blogs, literary agent blogs, writers whose books I loved, so I emailed them to let them know and they responded. All were emails I had read when initially received, but I found them helpful, so I decided to save them for future reference.

As I scrolled through email after email, I realized that future hadn’t arrived and probably never would. That’s when I began the daunting task of deciding which were keepers and which had to go. In the end, I saved the emails from other writers and deleted everything else. After all, I have bookcases packed with craft books that I’ve hoarded over the years. Of course, that’s another confession for another time.

Do you hit delete after reading your emails?

P.S. One email I did receive recently was from my editor at Harlequin. The release date for my book is March, 2017.  The working title is CAPTURE THE DREAM, but that will change.