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And the Answer Is…



For years, Derek and I have had a “friendly” competition each night. No matter how busy we are, we always take time out to watch Jeopardy together.

I’ll admit, he answers correctly more often than I do, but that’s okay.

This year, we’ve had a few surprises while watching.


Images Courtesy of JillWeatherholt.com

On January 16, 2016, during the final Jeopardy round, each contestant lost all of their money, leaving the show with no champion. Apparently this had only happened three times in the shows history.

That was a first for us, but what we saw a few months later, left us scratching our heads.


Was this a technical issue?


What the heck was going on? Why were things upside down and backward?

Another shot, which I failed to capture showed the host, Alex Trebek standing at the podium with a 1980’s perm.

We waited for an explanation, but none was given. That night, we turned off the TV wondering if there was some sort of technical glitch. Neither one of us made the connection that it was April 1st…April Fool’s Day.


Will either one of us become the next Jeopardy champion? It’s highly unlikely.

What’s made you scratch your head recently?


What’s with this sock?

sockI’m popping my head up from a new project to see if any of you can answer a question.

We’ve all voiced our issues with the changes that occur within WordPress…some good, some not so good.  It’s free, so I tend to go with the flow.

One thing thing that’s boggled my mind is why a particular image I posted several years ago is clicked on practically every day, sometimes more than once. The post was an analogy between my writing time and the sock that seems to go missing after every load of laundry, but it appears the sock is the star of the post.

Any ideas on why this is? I find it odd that so many people are interested in a photo of a sock. Or perhaps, writing this post is my method of procrastinating.

Back to work.