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Who’s Calling?

004Three years ago yesterday, I wrote my first blog post and hit publish. At the time, my obsession was all things writing. Today, it still is.

To say my writing life has changed since that day, is an understatement. After my first short story was a finalist in Southern Writers Magazine’s 2012 short story contest, the ride began.

Things have happened faster than I ever dreamed. I’m still digesting everything after receiving a call from Harlequin’s office in New York City, on a Monday morning, while at my day job. I actually missed the editor’s first two calls because my cell phone sat in the bottom of my purse. That tells you how much I expected a contract offer.

NO WAY did I imagine that happening. I entered the contest for a professional critique. I wanted to know how to make my book better…even though the book wasn’t written when I entered. It was an old NaNoWriMo project, written in 2010, never finished or edited, and it was horrid. The setting and characters were the only positives.

The common denominator in all of my published pieces, including my recent book contract, is they were all contest entries.

I urge everyone, whether you’re a writer, photographer, artist…whatever…take advantage of the available contests. The internet is full of them and many are free to enter.

Be brave and put your work out there. You really have nothing to lose. Who knows, your life may change on a dreary Monday morning, as mine did.

As I celebrate three years of blogging, I want to thank those of you who’ve stuck around. You are the reason I never gave up.



Celebrating 55 Years

momToday my mother and father celebrate 55 years of marriage.

After all these years, my father still treats my mother as though they were just married. My mother still thinks he’s all that. Together, they’ve taught me what true love is all about…putting the other person first.

Happy Anniversary!

Love you both!