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The Unexpected

Snow“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”  ~ Boris Pasternak

Life is full of unexpected events some make us happy, while others bring a sense of sadness, like the unexpected passing of a family member or loved one. When I’m having a rough day, I try to focus on the happy unexpected events in my life; getting a call from an old friend, the return of the hummingbirds in May, or finding a ten dollar bill tucked away in the unused compartment of my wallet.

Last weekend we had an unexpected event in Charlotte, North Carolina…snow. If the storm had arrived during the week, it would have been an unhappy event. It would have meant commuting to work in dangerous conditions and walking through the streets of downtown praying I won’t slip and fall. But, in perfect timing, it arrived Saturday evening when we were home safe and cozy.

It began as huge down feathers dropping from the sky, melting on contact with the ground. Within minutes, it became a wall of white. It was a blizzard! Okay, not really a blizzard, it only lasted about 45 minutes, but had it continued, the snow deprived children of Charlotte would have been thrilled. Unfortunately, the 2-3 inches of snow that sculptured a beautiful scene melted by noon the next day. That’s life in the South, I suppose.

Watching the snow, feeling like a young child hoping to hear schools are closed, my emotions had changed in an instant. I had gone from quietly watching the local news, feeling sadness in my heart from the stories, to running from window to window and peeking out the door. At that moment, my beliefs were reinforced, that no matter how many unhappy events come around in my life, I will continue to believe that the unexpected jolt of happiness and surprise is right around the corner. This belief has always gotten me through the difficult times and will continue to do so in the future.


This is Only a Test ~ Part 2

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.” ~ Sigmund Freud

Image courtesy of imagery majestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of imagery majestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Since my last post on the recurring test dream, I have spent time analyzing my dreams in order to gain a deeper understanding of myself. I made an effort to remember my dreams, which is not always easy. Some people can remember several dreams a night, while others recall occasionally or not at all.  I only seem to remember the bizarre dreams; the next door neighbor dumping all of their garbage onto our lawn or the Bundt cake that exploded in the oven, not to be confused with the Straw Pie disaster.

My dreams are often a puzzle to me, but I have learned to recognize when my interpretation is correct. Since there are no rules to dream interpretation, there is no right or wrong to the process. Once realized, I was able to be honest with my feelings and emotions during my waking life situations and connect them to the test dream.

Most people, during their lifetime, will experience recurring dreams. These dreams can be more important than average dreams. For some people, recurring dreams can be nightmares caused by stress, trauma, health problems or other factors. Thankfully, I don’t have nightmares, although discovering you have a test when you have not been to class in weeks, can be scary. It was not until recently, I discovered my unconscious state was trying to tell me something through my recurring dream.

After reading many interpretations of the test dream, I believe the classroom door is a metaphor for the passage of time or a pathway not yet taken. Contests I have not entered or NaNoWriMo projects left unedited. Blog posts I need to write and craft books I need to read. Most important of all, this door represents the writing that is not happening. The anxiety and stress present during my test dream is impacting my waking life on a daily basis. I want to do it all, but my dream state is sending me warning signals that I need to slow down to get a good night of sleep.

So how do I slow down in order to finally close the door on my test dream? I plan to set weekly and monthly goals. I don’t want to set a rigid schedule because then my tasks will become a burden. Writing is my passion, so it should be fun. I will keep the door closed on over-committing and if I don’t get everything accomplished in a particular week that is okay because next week will come.


This is Only a Test ~ Part 1

hotDreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. ~ Edgar Cayce

During my college years, I suffered from test anxiety. No matter how much I studied and felt prepared, the moment the test was placed in front of me, my hands began to sweat, my heart raced and my mind would temporarily go blank. Thankfully, after a few moments of some heavy breathing and reading over the questions, I was usually able to relax and move forward.

The anxiety from many years ago still haunts me today in my dreams, which did not begin until years after graduation. At least once or twice a month, I dream I am back in college. I discover there is a test that I am not prepared to take because I have not been to class in several weeks. The dream varies. Sometimes I do not know there is a test because I forgot I was registered for the class. Another version, I find myself wandering the halls because I cannot remember where my classroom is located.

Those of you who have experienced a dream similar to this know the stress and anxiety you feel when you wake up. The panic state that invaded my dream is with me in the first moments I awake. It almost feels I’ve lost my sense of time and where I am in life.  The feeling fades, but I am left wondering why I have this recurring dream.

The reasons for our dreams have always been of interest to me. I majored in Psychology however; my coursework did not cover much on dreams and their interpretations. Recently I had this dream again, so I decided to do some research on the topic. To my surprise, this is a very common dream and the reasons behind it did not surprise me in the least.

Although there were numerous interpretations such as; the end of something significant in your life and there is low confidence about the future. Another suggested it is a time of regret of past actions or inaction that prompt one not to put off something until tomorrow, that can be done today. These were logical, but I did not feel they applied to my dream. Then I came across an interpretation that resonated with me and I knew I had discovered the reason for my recurring dream.


It’s Broken

heart“One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do is to stop loving someone because they’ve stopped loving you.”  ~ Author Unknown

“I don’t think this is working for me.” It’s been over twenty years since I’ve heard those words spoken to me or since I have spoken them to another person. These words can leave the person on the receiving end stunned. Recently, an e-mail from a dear friend rekindled the memories of how painful a break up can be. There were some issues in the relationship, but she was caught off guard when he ended it. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, having your heart broken is a universal pain. No one is immune from a broken heart.

Break ups are difficult when you know things aren’t working out.  You sense something is off and you fear you might be one more disagreement away from the end. When you are blindsided by the other person’s decision to end the relationship, it can bring you to your knees. You search for the red flags you might have missed and look for anything you could have done wrong. You’re left longing for answers. Many times, the questions will go unanswered.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers for my friend. She is a loving and beautiful person who does not deserve the pain she is feeling. Her heart has been shattered. I want to tell her the relationship was broken and her heart will love again, that life gets better.  I want to give her a big hug, but she lives in another state, so for now, I’ll listen.

Through her tears, I’ll listen as she recounts the events of their last conversation and reminisces about their time together. Sometimes I might only hear whimpering through the phone, but I’ll keep listening because that is what friends do for each other.