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Dazed and Confused



The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. ~ John Pierpont Morgan‏

I heard the familiar thump and headed to the window. Sitting on the patio was one of my favorite birds, the Yellow-rumped Warbler. I stepped outside and approached the bird, expecting him to fly away, but he was still. His eyes moved in a slow and dazed manner as he tried to recover from his run in with our kitchen bay window.

Most birds do not have the ability to reason or comprehend the concept of reflection. He saw his reflection as a rival in his territory and attempted to drive the other bird away.   For over an hour, he sat with a blank stare. Even when I placed some seed in front of him, he never moved.

In the days that have passed since I met the NaNoWriMo challenge, like the injured bird, I’ve felt dazed and confused. I haven’t opened my WIP and honestly, I haven’t had the desire to write anything. How can I call myself a writer when I don’t want to write?

Instead of writing, I’ve kept myself busy with the typical holiday preparations. The decorations are up and Christmas cards mailed. The shopping done and the last present wrapped. There’s time to write, but the desire is absent.

The question of why I’m not writing has consumed my mind. I have no answers.  I do believe once the holiday season has passed, like the injured bird, I’ll choose to fly because I recognize my reflection and I am a writer.


Author: Jill Weatherholt

My name is Jill Weatherholt and I’m a writer. I have a full-time job, but at night and on the weekend, I pursue my passion, writing. I write modern stories about love, friendship and forgiveness. I started this blog as a way to share my journey toward publication and to create a community for other new writers. Raised in the Washington, DC area, I’ve lived in Charlotte, North Carolina since 2004. I hold a degree in Psychology from George Mason University and a Certification in Paralegal Studies from Duke University. My first book, SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE, published by Harlequin Love Inspired released on February 21, 2017 and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com. I was the first place winner in the Dream Quest One Short Story Contest in the Winter 2014-2015 competition. In 2014, I placed second in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest. I was also a top ten finalist in Southern Writers Magazine Short Story Contest in 2012 and 2013. I’m a 2010 and 2012 winner of the NaNoWriMo Contest. I love to connect readers, visit me at jillweatherholt.com

16 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused

  1. I go through periods in which I don’t want to write. They alsways pass, and I’m sure it will for you. Maybe your unconscious mind is cookign up a brilliant idea and has put your conscious mind on stand by until it’s ready to reveal.


  2. I think something might be percolating ~ thanks Eric!


  3. Great analogy. I think after the intensity of nonstop writing during NaNo, writers need to completely decompress and do something different. Then you can come back to it refreshed, attacking whatever the next step is (adding words, editing, crit partners, etc).

    I’m on a 2 1/2 month “NaNo” here, trying to get 80K by first week in January. I’m almost at 50K now. Glad it’s rolling along, but I realize I have to start focusing on Christmas. We have ZERO presents under Christmas tree right now! Ha.

    Here’s hoping you can decompress!


    • I agree 100%, Heather. I’m hoping Santa brings me a decompression chamber for Christmas. 🙂 I know you’ve been working hard the past couple of months. I have complete confidence that you will reach your goal by January and there will be presents under your tree! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. Our hummingbirds do the same thing; it’s a little unnerving to hear that thunk hit the back door (which is mostly glass) about three feet from where I work. I hope he felt better.

    When I’m writing, I’m very focused. However, I don’t write every day. Holidays are distracting, in that there is so much else going on, and having just completed NaNo, you might just need to unwind and recharge. Writing takes a lot from an author; let your wings rest right now. Soon enough they’ll be wrapped around the WIP, or maybe a new idea.


    • I’ve never seen any of our hummingbirds hit the window, but they do hover around investigating their reflection. Yesterday I saw ten Yellow-rumped Warblers at the feeder. I wondered if any of them were the little visitor from the other day.

      Your advice is well received, Anna. I plan to recharge over the holidays. I hope you get in some rest, relaxation and football over the holidays! Congrats on your 49ers win on Sunday night! I know you were doing your dance!


  5. I tend to think writing when you have nothing to say is kind of counter-productive – it’s like settling for the next best thing you can do and that’s not a habit one wants to get into. Quality always over quantity, surely?


  6. You need this time to celebrate completion. The time to work will come again.


  7. Don’t sweat the non-writing thing…I fell out for years. If you need to, you will…best of wishes for ’13 Jill! – Bill


  8. Sometimes it’s a matter of forcing yourself to sit down with your laptop and start… just write something that comes into your mind and you will be soon off and running (writing – not, running!). At least, when I go through lulls, that can work for me. You will write when you really want to write. Wishing you the very best.

    Billy Ray


    • I completely agree with you Billy Ray. My biggest issue lately has been staying focused. I’ll sit down with my laptop, but I keep popping up to do something else. I know once I get started again, I will be off and running like you said. Yesterday, between playoff games, I wrote the most since the end of NaNoWriMo and it felt good. Thanks for the well wishes!


  9. Just wanted to thank your for following my posts. There is one site with links that might interest you. Diesregard if you’ve already seen it. http://www.about.me/brchitwood – Hope 2013 is all you want it to be.


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